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You’ve probably encountered the word “automation” before. It has given a lot of advantages across various industries, by making processes more sophisticated. You may have even imagined how automation can find its place in your staffing agency, in reducing steps your recruiters have to take in catering to your clients’ workforce needs. And yes, there is a plethora of recruiting automation software out there that can help in pushing your agency forward when it comes to utilizing technology.

But employing said software is not as easy as it would seem. Deciding on which recruiting automation tools are most appropriate for your staffing firm is a decision that ultimately lays in the hands of your recruitment managers. Sure, your team of human resources specialists will definitely benefit from a few recruiting automation software, but acquisition and budgeting is a manager’s decision. But don’t fret; convincing them to be on board with new technology is possible once they see its benefits in streamlining the hiring process.

For starters, let’s get cost out of the way. It’s an additional expenditure for sure, but recruitment managers should see these apps as investments to speed up various goals. In the end, expect satisfied candidates, happier clients, and a boosted recruiter brand. Your recruitment team may be working hard, but it’s about time the firm also works smart. Tell your managers of the following advantages so they can see that getting these software is indeed a smart decision.

These software can help cut back on time.

It would be much better for hiring managers if they can interact with the recruitment team more, or even with potential candidates. But the truth of the matter is, in an HR manager’s usual 40-day work week, around 30% of that time goes to the usual routine tasks. These include reading and replying to emails, speaking on the phone, and collating spreadsheets.1 How about telling your recruitment manager that they can lessen on doing these mundane tasks, and give effort on aspects of the hiring process that truly count? Monitoring processes, asking the team how they are, even approaching candidates to give them encouragement: these actually have an impact towards reaching more positive outcomes. 

Here are some examples of recruiting automation software and how they will help in cutting back time. Make sure to share these with your hiring managers, so they can also see how acquiring said software is truly a time and labor-saving effort:

  • Resume checkers can sort applications in a jiffy. Scrutinizing every CV is necessary to find the best applicants, but a resume sorting software can do the job for you, or at least most of it. By configurating keywords and a few other settings, these recruiting automation software can scan through your pile of applications and identify top candidates right away. These programs can even give a rating per applicant and rank them accordingly.
  • Interview scheduling apps will rid you from having to call applicants. Instead of playing phone tag with potential hires or sending a follow-up email for an interview, make scheduling easier for your team and their candidates. There is an option to contact applicants via email or text message, and various software can meet different needs when it comes to visualization, scheduling procedures, and language. Alarms can also be sent to alert both the candidate and the recruitment staff when an interview is about to happen.
  • Pre-employment testing apps add another filter of potential hire sorting. It’s imperative that applicants be screened for cognitive aptitude, personality, and emotional intelligence. Since this involves compulsory testing, applicants must go through it right from the get-go. Sorting and checking test results can be time-consuming. That is why pre-employment testing apps are extremely helpful in cutting back both in time and effort.

    Tests are processed right away and results can be given to the candidate in hours, They know right away if they’ll move on in the process or not. This is a wonderful service not only to the staffing firm, but to the applicants, too. They’ll know right away if it’s time to pursue an application elsewhere.

Attract top talent, even if they’re not applying.

A contributing factor to a low unemployment rate is that a lot of professionals nowadays aren’t seeking jobs. A myriad of factors contribute to this: not knowing how to change careers, fear of letting go of current employment, and so on. You can tell your recruitment managers that to gather more applicants, a proactive approach may be needed, which means contacting potential hires even if they’re not looking for a job. Your managers might counter-argue that this will take too much time. This is when you introduce the help of recruitment apps like LinkedIn Recruiter, SeekOut, and HireTual.

These recruiting automation software will give hiring managers leverage in speeding up the applicant search process. They can gather contact details of individuals that meet the criteria of your clients, then send invitations to apply based on their experience, background, and location. Think of the lush resources out there to look for passive applicants with dormant interests to find a new job: freelancers, pandemic-stricken workers, even employees wishing they are with a different company. Through recruitment apps, the searching part is over for them. All they have to do is hand over their resume.

Recruiting automation software can improve your recruiter brand.

Once your firm has harnessed the convenience and efficiency recruiting automation software can give, your potential hires will soon be impressed with how smooth operations are. Clients will also be happy with the turnaround of their workforce.

With the great experiences of candidates and clients alike, word-of-mouth about your recruitment firm will only be filled with positive words. But aside from word-of-mouth, another medium to brag about your firm’s services is also through feedback. Another software can help you with that.

Great Recruiters is a feedback management system that will collect reviews in a timely manner, directly from your potential hires. This one-of-a-kind reputation tool is dedicated to handling the particular concerns of a recruiting agency. Aside from gathering positive reviews, your hiring managers can also easily pinpoint negative critiques and transform them into immediate changes in the recruitment process. This means better management because errors can be rectified right away.

Your recruitment leaders might be skeptical they might not understand the system right away. A 48-onboarding program is prepared for them and the rest of the firm to be introduced to the system at the soonest. Also, data visualization has been calibrated for ease of defining and searching data.

You can introduce many options for recruiting automation software to your managers. But when it comes to experience and reputation management platforms for recruitment firms, Great Recruiters is #1. Book a demo now.