To promote the importance of experience management in recruitment, Great Recruiters Founder Adam Conrad and Head of Customer Success, David George, kicked off the Great Recruiters Fireside Chat on June 4, 2021.  

During the webinar, Conrad discussed why experience management matters, what external and internal factors disrupt quality experience, and how a company can regain control of the experience they deliver and the benefits of taking better control of it.

Customer Experience Management Matters

To make sure that everyone understands the value of experience management, Conrad enlightens the webinar participants on customer experience management (CXM) and how it can help companies shine. According to Conrad, “We are a human-to-human business, and the experiences that we create are long-lasting, and those experience for companies who are really focused on, not just saying, but actually having the action plan to create great experience see increased satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy for their brand.”  

Additionally, he also explains how the experience a brand creates is what makes their reputation. He also cites how automation has now become commonplace in the recruitment industry and how it impacts customers’ experiences.

Building Loyalty to the Brand

During the webinar, Conrad also points out the importance of building loyalty to the brand, from within and outside the company. He cites a variety of its benefits and some data to support how managing customer experience has helped several organizations grow exponentially.  

To further stress how the lack of experience management can impact a brand, Conrad also shared data on the most significant customer complaints and the top challenges faced by recruiters pre and post-pandemic.  

Midway through the webinar, Conrad discussed the importance of being intentional in managing experience and how gathering feedback throughout the process can be a great way of improving the quality of experience delivered by recruitment companies. Other topics tackled during the Fireside Chat include:  

  • ROI of Experience Management  
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Evolution of Great Recruiters as a CXM Platform  
  • How Great Recruiters Can Help You Get More Feedback
  • Measuring What Matter Most to Your Brand
  • How Great Recruiters is Helping Customers

A quick Q&A portion was held to close the webinar, and participants were invited to reach out for any questions or concerns about the topic and the Great Recruiters platform.

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