Review a Recruiter

A company’s good reputation will stay known and relevant to customers and jobseekers. To achieve longevity, recruiting companies must pursue a holistic approach to maintaining their unstained name. This is where brand reputation management comes in. It is an aspect of your brand that you cannot forgo, and to attract the best talents mean to give your company a welcoming façade. A single bad review or rantings of a disgruntled job candidate can be the end of the hard work put into building your company’s name. 

Here are three reputation management tips you will need to keep your company’s name far from infamy. Take a close look as well at some steps in making sure you are doing effective reputation management, so people would either want to work for your company or avail of its services. 

Tip #1: Create a Strong Online Presence.

Everything’s digital now. While brick-and-mortar stores and traditional print advertising still hold their place, the majority of current and potential shoppers are on the World Wide Web. Effective reputation management now starts by building an online presence, and this will provide the best foundation to help manage your brand reputation.  

  • Utilize social media. A company website is imperative, but having your brand also be present in a slew of social media sites will rake in potential customers. But don’t just create a social media account haphazardly. Choose which social media platform is appropriate for your brand. Study each platform’s demographic and the kind of content you can publish using the site. 
  • Use hashtags to promote your content. Hashtags are quirky means to punctuate online posts, but they also help link web content with each other. Putting hashtags to your social media posts lets your brand engage with similar topics online. Just make sure to check what hashtags to use, as some may associate your recruitment service to topics you don’t want to be associated with. 
  • Link your social media and company website. One sure-fire way of linking content is by making sure all your online sites are accessible through each other. Having your social media accounts and company websites linked also promotes site traffic. This traffic helps Google recognize your social media and company website as “official,” which is beneficial in promoting your brand’s rankings in online searches. 

Tip # 2: Keep your online content updated.

This cannot be stressed well enough. Reputation management is a continuous endeavor, so make sure your online content is current and dynamic. The same content every day will bore potential shoppers and turn them away. 

  • Make a calendar of what to post. Plan your daily content so that your customers are not only informed but captivated with your brand. This will be challenging, so you may assign a social media manager to do the work for you. 
  • Go heavy on visuals. Photos and videos are attention-grabbing and creative means to infuse content into your social media or website. It is recommended to use original photos rather than stock images because the latter may have been used in other websites and puts a hit on your website’s creativity and originality. Pictures of company events or a behind-the-scenes look at your recruitment processes or services are just a few examples. 
  • Feature more than just your brandMaking your content dynamic means talking about more than your brand. You may also talk about business news relevant to your company or present success stories from your customers. Many company social media accounts also hone in on holidays and what they mean to their brand. Variety in the content will keep your customers interested and will do well in keeping your brand’s name alive. 

Tip # 3: Use customer feedback to your advantage.

This is the more challenging part of reputation management, but rest assured that it’s doable. An intuitive approach to handling both positive and negative feedback will ingrain in customers’ minds that you care about what they think.  

  • Use reputation management software. Customers may leave online reviews about your recruitment firm anywhere on the web, and it will be a chore to find them. A reputation management software will help you crackdown on what customers are saying and reading about your brand. It can also help you address your online reviews and easily reach out to candidates you have worked with, especially disgruntled ones. 
  • Treat each review as feedback. Both positive and negative reviews can be utilized to look at what the company is doing wrong and right. Instead of dismissing criticisms, look into the candidate’s experience and see what went wrong. Do not forget to respond to customers on how you address their negative feedback, so they will see that you are doing something about it. 
  • Be proactive in approaching feedback. A happy customer will tell about the experience to 2-3 people, which unhappy ones will rant about it to 8-10, even some exceeding 20. Instead of arguing with dissatisfied customers, see to it that their concerns are recognized. Use their names in writing your reply, and avoid using canned responses. Offer rectification and delighters as you see fit (e.g. discounts on the next purchase) to show that you want to give a better customer experience. Reputation management aims to keep only the most positive stories about your companies. 

Do reputation management with the best insights on hand.

Great Recruiters is here to help you make sure you are on the right track towards reputation management. Maintain your brand’s good name by integrating only the right steps keeping your company’s reputation on the industry’s good side. Book a demo with us now and be prepared to win your customers over, now and in the future.