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These days, information is freely available on the internet. If a candidate wants to look up your firm, they only have to type your company name on Google, and they’ll have access to a trove of information about you. As a staffing company, you want to pay close attention to how people perceive you online. Attracting top candidates is easier when your recruitment company has a sterling reputation, but what if you’re dealing with the opposite situation? What if, for some reason, your staffing firm is still trying to regain control of your reputation?

6 Tips to Help You Regain Control of Your Reputation

Your brand reputation is critical. In fact, 50% of job seekers wouldn’t consider getting in touch with a staffing firm with a bad reputation even if their pay would increase. Turning your brand reputation around entails taking proactive steps, so we’ve got you covered with some tips that you may find useful in regaining control of your reputation: 

1. Make it a point to respond to negative feedback. 

All it takes is one mistake to see your recruiter brand tarnished in the eyes of candidates. However, with effective reputation management, you can take any unexpected setback and turn it into an opportunity to boost your brand positively. The secret? Responding to negative feedback. 

Did you know that approximately 96% of people naturally read replies on reviews? This is where you can use a well-crafted response to turn a mistake into a relationship—by making a positive impression on those who read it.  

Responding to negative feedback isn’t only meant to restore the relationship with the previous candidate, but to also win over new applicants. When you thoughtfully respond to a complaint, you demonstrate that you’re willing to listen. Including details that directly answer their concerns and making it a point to let them know that you’re doing something to address the issues will help them see that you don’t treat candidates like transactions—you care enough to do something about it. 

2. Turn your candidates into ambassadors through testimonials. 

Responding to negative reviews is only one facet of your reputation; the other is highlighting your winning qualities. This is best done by taking the positive feedback you gather from candidates and turning them into testimonials. With candidates trusting the opinion of their peers more than your company, this is a fool-proof way to building your credibility. 

User-generated content is one of the best recruitment marketing strategies because it provides the social proof that will complement your recruitment brand efforts in demonstrating authenticity and transparency. 

3. Actively manage your recruitment brand.  

One best way to regain control of your reputation is to lead the conversation about your recruitment brand. Keeping in mind that one of the very first things candidates will do is research your reputation, putting out content yourself will ensure that they’re able to get to know you the way you want them to know you. 

Take advantage of social media and professional websites to regularly talk about your placement milestones and achievements and provide engaging, relevant content for them. The goal is to establish your expertise in your field, communicate to your potential candidates what awaits them if they are recruited through you, and let your clients know how choosing you will benefit them. 

Did your placements drive profits for your clients? Are your recruits fulfilled in their work environment? Are you practicing a non-biased recruitment strategy and offering equity to candidates from different backgrounds? 

These are things that should be communicated in your social media profiles and websites. 

4. Display authenticity and transparency in your brand values. 

It can be tempting for recruiters to oversell a position or client company, but doing this can cause your reputation more harm than good because it’s only a matter of time before a candidate finds out the misrepresentation and inaccuracies. 

This is where authenticity and transparency can elevate a recruitment brand—candidates value recruiters with honest and genuine intentions. In the staffing world, trust plays an important role in establishing loyalty among your candidates, and recruiters who make it a point to communicate with accuracy all that is included in the job responsibilities and offer can help position your brand in a positive light. 

5. Make sure your candidate experience is on point.  

Your reputation directly hinges on the quality of the candidate experience you deliver, so it pays to make sure your recruitment process is smooth at all touchpoints. From the moment they see your job post until you deliver the news about their evaluation, every interaction plays a crucial role in the opinions they’ll have of you. So, every time you make a mistake, your brand reputation suffers. On the flip side, excellent candidate experience will work wonders in helping you regain control of your reputation. 

So, go the extra mile and take advantage of every interaction they will have with you. Improving your recruiter responsiveness, personalizing your email acknowledgments, and providing consistent communication are just some things that help maintain a good reputation. 

6. Always ask for candidate feedback.  

There’s no way to fix a bad reputation if you don’t know what went wrong in the first place. Having a candidate feedback process will allow you to capture your candidates’ thoughts and effectively identify bottlenecks in your recruitment process. Out of the 60% of job seekers that had a bad candidate experience, 72% actually spoke about it on review platforms or other channels. So, feedback management is an untapped goldmine of potential growth for your staffing firm. 

But asking for their feedback isn’t supposed to be a one-time thing. This should be consistently done with every candidate for as long as your business stands. To truly regain control of your reputation, you’ll have to constantly check your performance against candidate expectations and partner it with appropriate action plans. This can ensure that your recruiters are at their top performance and that your hiring process is in excellent shape. 

Regain Control of Your Reputation Today.

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