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How to Get More Clients for Your Recruitment Company

How to Get More Clients for Your Recruitment Company

Jul 6, 2021

Come to think of it: Recruitment agencies do a lot for the current world. In a time when many individuals need employment, it’s comforting to know that institutions like yours help expedite the hiring process so that many get their much-needed jobs to make a living.  

But resting on the advocacies of recruitment shouldn’t be enough for agencies to move forward. Being able to have a good number of clients not only promises more people to serve but also longevity for the recruitment company. Knowledge on how to get clients should come in handy. 

Understanding where to look and how to get more clients is vital in ensuring that your recruitment company can perform well within the industry and against competitors. 

Know how to get more clients from a specific niche.

While opening your services to a wide array of industries puts in the idea of more clients, you might want to consider focusing on a specific niche. While the basics of recruitment should still be present in all of your recruiters, exposing and training them to have expertise in hiring for a specific industry is a good means for the agency to win more business.

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This does not mean that you’ll entirely shut the recruitment firm from getting clients from other industries. However, with recruitment expertise in hand, it means you can do a lot more for particular companies than offer a bare minimum. Also, specialization is your ticket to keep lifelong clients whose specific needs are met. 

Decide first: In what industry would you like your firm or team members to specialize? Next, consider your company background and the background of people within the team. Also, look into trends in job demands and see which industries require the most assistance in recruitment.

While these recruitment trends may not necessarily point to what direction the firm should go to, going along with the signs of the times might mean better clientele for the recruitment. 

Once you are decided which industry you want your recruitment agency to focus on, study your potential client. What do they look for in their future employees? What recruitment methods would work well for them? How many candidates would they expect to hire? Knowing the demands of your potential client will aid in prepping to reel them over to your services. 

Digitize your processes. 

Modernizing hiring processes is in itself a superb marketing strategy for recruiting companies. But don’t just opt for online means of recruitment just because the pandemic happened; opt for it because it’s simply the next step in hiring, a shift that started even before COVID-19. Using the digital realm to rake in candidates is actually a move many recruitment agencies are already doing.  

Digital processes also mean convenience and efficiency not only for your future applicants but for company clients. Have your recruitment team look into the best websites to create online forms. It’s also imperative to know which video conferencing apps would be easiest for applicants to use, particularly for the not-so-tech-savvy. 

Employing apps like applicant tracking systems and automated resume sorters may sound appealing to company clients. Have your team also research the best programs you can use to make hiring even more efficient.  

Digitization won’t only help achieve the agency’s goals but also do well in getting more clients. Knowing that you are using digital means for your recruitment process is a plus because clients can easily get reports on how recruitment is going. Moreover, showing them that you use digital applications makes a good impression of how updated your firm is in terms of recruitment technologies

Dive into where clients look for employees. 

May it be job boards or social media, consider observing what kinds of jobs potential clients are posting online and where they do most of their hunt. These companies would likely appreciate an additional hand to create a workforce appropriate to the demands of their industry. While companies go to online job markets to look for employees, you may also go out there to offer services to find candidates for clients. 

Once you have singled out which companies you think will need your services, contact them. Narrate to them what sets your recruitment firm apart and what your non-negotiables are regarding recruitment. If you have current clients similar to these potential customers, it would be a nice anecdote to tell them about the successes of said clients with your services.

Another way to go about how to get more clients is by having your team research companies that are within your hiring niche and track their job post history. Identify how often they need to hire a specific position and then contact them with proposals on hiring the best candidates for that role. By singling out companies and their specific hiring needs, you can reach out to them directly with words they’d want to hear from a recruitment agency.

Get to know your competition. 

Let’s face it, looking for clients means getting ahead of other recruitment agencies. Especially that potential new hires are plenty and companies out there need help with hiring, it’s a race between agencies whom potential clients will notice first.

But bear in mind that your recruitment firm can always do better than others. All you need is to do some competitor assessment and apply your knowledge to edge competitors in looking for additional clients. 

Do some digging on what former candidates are saying about their experience with other recruitment agencies. Take the negative feedback on hand and see if your firm is doing any better, or look into improving aspects of your processes past applicants are saying about the firm they went through.

It’s also worth noting the different positive feedback other agencies are getting. By reading through the pleasant experiences that applicants had in the hands of another recruitment agency, you get to know about good practices and incorporate them into your own firm’s processes. 

Also, don’t be afraid to approach clients of other firms. Chances are they might be looking for a different point of view when it comes to their needs. So, strike a conversation with them on what you can do to meet their demands and what you can do to broaden their search for potential hires. 

Build a good recruiter brand. 

Of course, one great way on how to get more clients is to have a good reputation. If your recruiter brand precedes your name, companies will come to you to ask for help. However, a spotless reputation is hard to achieve, but nothing stops your recruitment agency from working toward at least close to a perfect recruiter brand. 

Make sure to ask for reviews from your applicants. Request for these reviews immediately at the end of the recruitment process, even if they didn’t get the job. Chances are there were parts of the process that they appreciated. Gather positive reviews and use them as content on your social media or agency website.

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As for negative comments, rectify issues right away so that these points for improvement won’t remain as such in the long run. You may also ask your company clients for reviews on the service you provided and ask permission to feature their feedback online.  

Keep tabs on your recruitment process. 

In the end, it’s how you perform your job as a recruitment agency that can ultimately work with how to get more clients. Remember that negative experiences posted online speak louder than positive ones, so you should be keen on making sure the applicant’s experiences are as optimum as possible. Also, you must solicit reviews shortly after the recruitment process, so you’ll know how to improve right away. 

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Great Recruiters’ interface is user-friendly and easy to get used to, so you can have an experience management platform to aid you right away in your quest to know how to get more clients.

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