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How to Boost Your Brand Reputation through Transparency

Mar 19, 2021

These days, customers and candidates don’t just see transparency as an option — they see it as a requirement. Amid a pandemic where resources are limited, people have grown smarter and more calculated in deciding who to patronize best. Before they make the final decision to connect with you, they demand to know first everything about your company and all that you stand for. The information they find will highly influence their decision, so the more forthcoming you are, the better you’ll attract people to your brand. This is why transparency is a powerful approach you should utilize to boost your brand reputation. 

Being honest about your brand reputation will require you to find a balance between being intentional in not hiding valuable facts and strategic in presenting your business culture with openness and vulnerability. The goal is to bridge the gap between being perceived as a company that simply partakes in transactions and a humanized brand that people can relate to on a personal level. Although the idea of vulnerability may be daunting for some, in hindsight, it is essential to establish trust among your candidates and clients. This trust then becomes the foundation of a relationship that can forge solid brand loyalty in the long run—and it all starts with transparency. 

If you’ve yet to start maximizing the power of transparency to boost your brand reputation, here are three good ways where you can begin.

Articulate the core beliefs of your brand clearly and sincerely. 

Companies with the strongest brand reputations are the ones boldly transparent about their core beliefs and clearly communicate the “why” behind what they do. The key is to give people a clear picture of the values you uphold. These can be the goals you aim for, the culture you foster, the quality of service you provide, and the people that make up your organization. When people understand your vision and purpose, your business becomes more human and more likeable. 

A transparent brand value should be communicated with clarity and authenticity. Remember, how you tell your story matters. People are attracted to brands that have a genuine tone and clear intentions. Ensure you maintain a consistent messaging when communicating your brand values and beliefs to continually build trust with transparency.  

At the end of the day, clients and candidates check your brand reputation to see whether they can trust you to provide top-notch quality of the service they need, value the same thing they do, and become a suitable partner to help them grow.  

Harness the power of social media advertising.  

Remember the “why” behind what you do? That’s too important to be buried in an inconspicuous place in your social media profiles and website. Put your brand identity on full display through an active social media presence and emphasize your transparency. After all, your brand reputation is one Google search away from reaching your target audience. In recruitment, for instance, LinkedIn reports indicate that 75% of candidates will research a company’s reputation first before they send an application. Hence, maintaining a social media footprint that people will see when they look you up online will be beneficial. Taking advantage of social media to showcase your brand transparency will make you more attractive in a competitive market. 

Another way to boost your brand reputation is by posting positive client testimonials, your brand’s community involvement, unique employee programs, news features, and anything that will highlight your organization’s qualities and tell your brand narrative well. You can further this by boosting audience engagement through interactions with your followers on social media to create touchpoints between potential clients and your brand consistently. Your main goal is to generate social proof and make people excited about connecting with your company.  

Demonstrate openness and willingness to listen by responding to reviews. 

Online reviews are quickly growing, and businesses that ignore them miss valuable opportunities for strengthening their reputation. Although you have no absolute control of what people will say about your brand, you have absolute control over how you respond to them. Whether it’s a positive or negative review, it makes a difference when you respond with an honest, personalized answer.   

Brands with many online reviews are positively perceived because it shows that people trust the company enough to do business with them, but brand management doesn’t stop there. Brands that make it a point to acknowledge their client reviews boost their reputations by demonstrating transparency in how much they care about their client relationships beyond transactions. For this reason, online reviews are not just a goldmine of important information about your business but also an opportunity to show your dedication to delivering a positive client experience.   

Investing in a reputation management tool like Great Recruiters will help you get ahead of the game by putting you in control of your review base and helping protect your brand reputation better. Instead of waiting for clients to anonymously post on various review platforms, you can automatically ask them to submit their feedback on your account after every transaction. This way, you can easily track their reviews, respond to them faster, and even convert positive reviews into marketing testimonials that you can highlight on your social media profiles and websites all in one integrated platform. 

Boost your brand reputation through transparency.

Make transparency work to your advantage. With a reputation management tool like Great Recruiters, you can strengthen your brand’s identity by sharing reviews about your recruiters and your hiring process. Great Recruiters is an all-in-one review system for recruiters designed to make online reputation management easier by capturing, monitoring and sharing recruiter reviews.

To find out how you can take care of your brand reputation proactively through Great Recruiters, request a demo today.