Review a Recruiter

With a blue ocean labor market, professionals can afford to be choosy about the benefits they demand from employers. As such, our Top Rated Professional Staffing Firms for the second half of 2022 have stood out from the crowd by prioritizing candidate experiences and building up their reputation as a trustworthy career partner. 

These winners have distinguished themselves in the following areas: 

  • Prioritizing great experiences across candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Proactively measuring and improving experiences
  • Improving organizational efficiency through automation & real-time insights
  • Elevating their brand and online reputation

What’s more, in a market where technology is on the rise, these firms have proven that technology and the human touch aren’t mutually exclusive. They use technology to automate monotonous tasks so recruiters can focus on providing personal career guidance for each candidate they serve. 

Every professional staffing firm listed below is on the list because they’ve excelled in the areas mentioned above. Join us in congratulating these stand-out leaders for the second half of 2022. 

Top Rated Professional Staffing Firms: Second Half 2022

Accounting Career Consultants & HR Career Consultants

Total reviews: 54

Average rating: 4.64

Example review: “Chris was professional and genuine. It was great meeting with him. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.”


Total reviews: 229

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Allie was very friendly and respectful. I enjoyed dealing with her from our first conversation to when I was hired. She was very responsive when I had questions and concerns. I received a phone call from her regarding an open position and in less than a week, I was hired for that said job. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a job.”


Total reviews: 118

Average rating: 4.76

Example review: “Jake has been great throughout my interviewing process. Even through the Christmas period where he did a handover to his colleague. He is professional and understanding.”


Total reviews: 15

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Adriana was fantastic! I immediately felt comfortable with her, she is down to earth, offers suggestions and feedback. I have never experienced a recruiter representing another company taking the time to truly make this process a pleasant one. Thank you Adriana, you were amazing and I am grateful!”

Find Great People

Total reviews: 356

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Evelyn did an absolutely amazing job in keeping me updated with opportunities, where I was in the interviewing process. She gave tips and comments to make sure I was prepared for what I was doing and I am very grateful for what she has done!”


Total reviews: 189

Average rating: 4.81

Example review: “Joel was very friendly and made the entire process feel so easy! He answered any questions I had with care and I appreciated him always following up with me in such a timely manner.”

Total reviews: 424

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Janet has been amazing and would recommend her to any nurse that is looking to travel. She has great insight and helps to let you know what’s going on. She is also very responsive to texts and phone calls and I absolutely loved that about her.”

Lakeshore Talent

Total reviews: 277

Average rating: 4.84

Example reviews: “Alex was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She did an excellent job of describing the role I am applying for and asked the right questions with excellent feedback and input regarding my job experiences.”

Method Recruiting

Total reviews: 174

Average rating: 4.74

Example reviews: “Since initially connecting with me earlier this week, Megan has been nothing but professional, responsive, and kind. The job search can be a tough process, but Megan embodies all of the qualities that make it much easier for candidates such as myself. As a result of her reaching out to me, I am now interviewing with a company for a position that very much excites me. I appreciate Megan’s work!”

PEG Staffing & Recruiting

Total reviews: 97

Average rating: 4.95

Example reviews: “My experience with Jack has been awesome!! I am happy to be apart of the PEG team. My contract ended back in December & he has helped me get hired right back on as of January. He called me a few times with opportunities that unfortunately didn’t fit my needs; but he did not stop until he was able to help me! Thank you Jack, I appreciate you!”

Spark Talent Acquisition

Total reviews: 461

Average rating: 4.76

Example review: “It was a positive experience and I would recommend her and JJP to others seeking an opportunity of employment. Great job all around!”

The Vision Companies

Total reviews: 90

Average rating: 4.59

Example review: “My experience with Bri Was amazing! Bri made sure to follow up with me about every question I had for her. She also made sure to answer all my texts in a very timely fashion. I highly recommend her to everyone that is looking for a job.”


Total reviews: 135

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Erika has been a pleasure to work with. She showed care and attention to my current career goals and truly is a professional in her field. I’d welcome the opportunity to work with her again and hope this feedback can help other candidates remain confident in their journey as they work with Erika. Thank you.”