Review a Recruiter

 Right now, professional staffing has never been in a more precarious position. Rapid technological advancements—not the least of which are large language models & generative AI—are changing the skill sets required for quality professional work. 

What’s more, there’s talk of AI putting once-safe jobs at risk—including media professionals, lawyers, accountants, and more. 

Then there are changing dynamics surrounding where people work. After an onslaught of remote work in 2020, it seems that, according to research from Gartner, remote or hybrid work is settling at just under 50% of the workforce. From a purely statistical perspective, not everyone who wants a remote position will be able to get one. 

A lot of professionals are nervous about these dynamics and how they will impact career longevity. They’re looking for people to support them along the way, provide a sense of stability. That’s where professional recruiters come in.

Professional staffing firms who build trust among their talent base, invest in meaningful relationships, and assume an advisory relationship with their talent base will be best positioned to succeed in 2023 and beyond. 

The following professional staffing firms have distinguished themselves from the competition in the first half of 2023. Their top ratings demonstrate great success in the following areas:

  • Capturing real-time feedback from candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Automating instant action on feedback
  • Measuring & improving organizational performance
  • Promoting success stories and building social proof to elevate their online reputation


Here are the Top Rated Professional Staffing Firms for the first half of 2023. 




Top Rated Professional Staffing Firms: Second Half 2022




Accounting Career Consultants & HR Career Consultants

Total reviews: 70

Average rating: 4.66

Example review: “Ashley and her team were so helpful throughout the entire process. She matched me with a job that was a great fit. She helped me prepare for each interview and gave me the confidence to succeed. I’ve used other recruiters before and none were as helpful as Ashley.”


Total reviews: 274

Average rating: 4.86

Example review: “From start to finish it was a great experience Stacey understood the requirements I was looking for and helped to find the best fit. Stacey stayed in touch every step of the way and even followed up after I was hired to see how it was going. Would definitely recommend her.”


Total reviews: 159

Average rating: 4.78

Example review: “Stacey was so helpful with finding me jobs that I would be suitable and wanted to do. She kept me updated throughout the whole process and gave me updates whenever she had any. She was so friendly.”

Find Great People

Total reviews: 283

Average rating: 4.88

Example review: “Jamie is such a great recruiter. She’s so helpful. She is great at keeping in contact by checking in and returning calls. I’m glad to have her!”


Total reviews: 131

Average rating: 4.6

Example review: “Honestly I’m very satisfied with the help that Joel gave me. He honestly was so quick with the whole process and I’m truly grateful that he was able to get me in the job in less than 2 weeks. He wasted no time and really made sure I was prepared.”

Total reviews: 100

Average rating: 4.98

Example review: “The most important and special thing about Ashley as that she truly makes you feel important, special but most of all that she cares about you and you aren’t just some other “number” doesn’t matter when or what time it is…From day one she makes you feel like family…”

Lakeshore Talent

Total reviews: 169

Average rating: 4.88

Example review: “Very pleasant and knowledgeable with the position and my background. The job she has presented is right up my alley with the exception of the software which is new to me, but as with any job there is always new software which I am a quick learner and it would be easy to use since I am familiar with other softwares of this nature. She is looking out for her client to educate you prior to the interview process and help with guidance and tips.”

Method Recruiting

Total reviews: 176

Average rating: 4.66

Example review: “Melissa’s exceptional talent recruitment stands out due to her remarkable listening skills and emotional intelligence (EQ). Unlike the typical 20-question approach, she creates a comfortable atmosphere, truly understanding both my experience and career aspirations. Her ability to actively listen and align my goals with the perfect role exceeded expectations. Melissa’s genuine interest in her candidates sets her apart, making the entire experience enjoyable and productive. Her remarkable EQ and passion for matching the right talents with the right opportunities make her an invaluable asset to any organization. Highly recommended for those seeking a recruiter who truly cares.”

PEG Staffing & Recruiting

Total reviews: 79

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “Jack was very professional and informative. The best part in regards to Jack and the staff, is how quick and responsive they are. I totally would work with him and the company again.”


Total reviews: 477

Average rating: 4.64


Total reviews: 65

Average rating: 4.8

Example review: “My experience had to do with a temporary assignment not one involving permanent employment. With this in mind, I answered the survey questions as best I could. Gary has been doing a great job in staying in contact with me during my current assignment.”

The Deamer Group

Total reviews: 42

Average rating: 4.85

The Vision Companies

Total reviews: 74

Average rating: 4.64

Example review: “​​Bri is one of the BEST recruiters I have EVER worked with!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is proactive, she follows up on applications, and actively searches for me. She keeps in touch and lets me know what’s happening. She is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Total reviews: 174

Average rating: 4.68

Example review: “Kim made me feel so comfortable while speaking with her. I felt like she had my back and was ready to support me and it was only our first conversation/interview. Kim is very knowledgeable about the industry. She provided, in great detail, the next steps. I look forward to working together in the future!”

YUPRO Placement

Total reviews: 106

Average rating: 4.75

Example review: “Alyssa has been a wonderful person to work with. I felt understood and comprehend at all times. She is a charismatic person, highly skilled, and has a high work ethic that reflects upon all her contract workers. Alyssa went above and beyond even after my contract ended by allowing me time in her calendar.”