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Top Rated Professional Staffing Firms: First Half 2022

Jul 27, 2022

Although professionals and business leaders are in high demand, many of these candidates have reshuffled their priorities after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, many professionals prioritize health over work, people over pay, and flexibility over advancement. 

This makes many professionals pickier about the positions they take on and the companies they’re willing to work for. Because of this, professional staffing firms play a more critical role than ever matching candidates with their ideal roles.

The following professional staffing firms are the top rated of 2022 because they’ve exhibited the following characteristics: 

  • Prioritized candidate and client experience across the organization
  • Instituted practices to measure and analyze the candidate experience
  • Improved organizational efficiency through automation & real-time insights
  • Elevated their brand and online reputation

Learn more about these top rated professional staffing firms below. 

Top Professional Staffing Firms: First Half 2022

Below is our list of the top professional staffing firms in the first half of 2022. Use the links to visit their Great Recruiters company pages to see their reviews and ratings for yourself. 

Accounting Career Consultants & HR Career Consultants

Total reviews: 560

Average rating: 4.76

Example recruiter review: “Although the initial job Emma had in mind for me didn’t quite meet my experience, she and Mark found another job at the same company (RGA) that was a better fit. She and Mark were able to communicate to the company’s recruiter and advocate on my behalf. I received detailed preparation for the interviews at RGA that followed, and consistent follow-up. Thank you for your personalized, efficient service! I look forward to working with Accounting Career Consultants throughout my job search.”


Total reviews: 2,625

Average rating: 4.81

Example recruiter review: “Right from the day when I was contacted by Mary until the hire date, Mary did everything in her control to prepare me for the interview with the client and then after keeping me informed of the progress. I can’t thank her enough as she has played a major role to land me in this role.”


Total reviews: 152

Average rating: 4.75

Example recruiter review: “Norma was great! She made the hiring process extremely easy. She was accessible and handled follow up questions quickly after I was hired. I’ve only worked 1 job, and so far, she’s been a gem – truly helpful. I look forward to working with Helpmates again.”

Lakeshore Talent

Total reviews: 4.81

Average rating: 1,253

Example recruiter review: “Very clear and concise about job description and expectations. Professional and knowledgeable. I have already referred a previous colleague and he will contact Lindsey directly.”

Method Recruiting

Total reviews: 505

Average rating: 4.68

Example recruiter review: “Lukasz was very friendly and knowledgeable about the position. Very easy to talk to and followed up in a very timely manner. I really appreciated talking with him.”

PEG Staffing & Recruiting

Total reviews: 345

Average rating: 4.89

Example recruiter review: “I feel very comfortable working with Audrey and recommending her talents to others. My time with her was pleasant and professional.”

Spark Talent Acquisition

Total reviews: 2,000

Average rating: 4.73

Example recruiter review: “Was planning to take a different job altogether when I was contacted and presented with another opportunity. I ended up getting an interview and a job offer in the same day. Had it not been for his sticktoitveness, I may have missed out on a much better fit for my employment.”


Total reviews: 373

Average rating: 4.63

Example recruiter review: “Lauren answered all of my questions and concerns and understood exactly what I’m looking for in a job. She also takes my calls or responds to emails in a very timely manner. I appreciate that she has been my point of contact. I feel that I won’t get lost in the system with Lauren.”

The Vision Companies

Total reviews: 186

Average rating: 4.66

Example recruiter review: “She was very helpful and always communicated with me letting me know what’s going on. I felt very important and that means alot to me!”