Review a Recruiter

It’s been a change year in the IT & engineering sector. A number of staffing firms have seized this opportunity and built recruiting experiences that reflect the changing nature of today’s workforce. For that, we’ve named them the Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms for the second half of 2022. 

IT & engineering recruiters face changing demands among the clients and candidates they serve. Direct hires are edging out traditional contract positions, remote work has become more commonplace, and a volatile labor market has transformed how organizations think of their IT workforce.  What’s more, the number of tech positions is expected to grow 13% by 2030. 

As IT professionals become more in-demand, both candidates and clients will need top-notch recruiters, not to be the “keeper of the job posts” but to guide qualified candidates to companies that will be the best fit. In a sentence, the future of IT & engineering recruiting is personal and human. 

Our Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms have distinguished themselves in the following ways: 

  • Prioritizing great experiences across candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Proactively measuring and improving experiences
  • Improving organizational efficiency through automation & real-time insights
  • Elevating their brand and online reputation

What’s more, in a market where technology is on the rise, these firms have proven that technology and the human touch aren’t mutually exclusive. Instead, they use technology to enhance, personalize, measure, and improve human-to-human interactions and experiences. 

Every IT staffing firm listed below is on the list because they’ve excelled in the areas mentioned above. Join us in congratulating these stand-out leaders for the second half of 2022. 

Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms: Second Half 2022


Total reviews: 26

Average rating: 4.98

Example review: “Jordan provided excellent service. She has a great personality and this made it easy to speak with her. I highly recommend her to anyone on the job search.”

ASTUTE Technical Recruitment Ltd

Total reviews: 552

Average rating: 4.71

Example review: “Laura, from the off set has been very friendly, professional and has completely understood my talents & career goals. She is a a diamond asset in your company!”

Bartech Staffing

Total reviews: 337

Average rating: 4.81

Example review: “Benjamin went above and beyond in answering my questions and staying in constant contact. He was always willing to assist me in my many, many questions. I’m honestly so thankful to have gotten the ability to work with Benjamin.”

Benchmark IT – Technology Talent

Total reviews: 72

Average rating: 4.63

Example review: “Friendly, helpful and organized, Sylvia has been a thorough ally negotiating the interviewing process for an excellent opportunity.”

Blue Chip Talent

Total reviews: 555

Average rating: 4.75

Example review: “Sara is very knowledgeable and helpful in finding your dream job.”


Total reviews: 100

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “Megan is an excellent recruiter. She is very thorough and transparent in explaining the profile submission and interview process. I would highly recommend Megan.”


Total reviews: 460

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Sam was great to work with! She was the one recruiter that helped me get work, she didn’t just put me to the side like a lot of recruiters do.”

Collinwood Technology Partners

Total reviews: 44

Average rating: 4.66

Example review: “I’ve worked with other recruiters in the past, most of which simply rifle through a bunch of general questions and throw into the system with the other candidates never to be heard from again. Shawn showed a genuine interest in knowing my background/skills and finding the right fit for both the candidate and the client. He was very responsive and kept me updated throughout the interview process. I would highly recommend working with Shawn for anyone seeking a technical position.”


Total reviews: 37

Average rating: 4.88

Example review: “Daniel provided the feedback in a timely manner and helped in guiding regarding next steps after selection as well. Responded to all queries with patience. Thank you Daniel.” 


Total reviews: 291

Average rating: 4.78

Example review: “Very down to earth and personable. I felt comfortable expressing my thoughts and experiences, knowing that I was talking to someone looking out for my interests. Excited about working towards new opportunities.”


Total reviews: 22

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Cami goes above and beyond in her search for the right candidate for the right position. She knows the technology and has a keen eye for talent and has a vast pool of great connections. This, coupled with her kind spirit, never ending devotion to her recruits and clients alike, means working with Cami is always a pleasure.”


Total reviews: 99

Average rating: 4.91

Example review: “Julie has been a joy to meet and work with!!! She not only is a terrific advocate for me, she has gone the extra mile to ensure I have the best chance to land the role of a lifetime! Her open, friendly and kind demeanor instantly won me over and I feel certain we will remain in contact. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone!”


Total reviews: 250

Average rating: 4.64

Example review: “Sylvia is an excellent recruiter with a wonderful personality to match. I truly enjoyed our interview and her passion to assist me in finding the best role possible that aligns with my goals and expertise. After being selected for the position at KORE1, Sylvia continued to provide outstanding support throughout the onboarding process. I am grateful for Sylvia’s dedication and hard work. I look forward to our continued relationship at KORE1.”

Link Technologies

Total reviews: 45

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Carl was very professional and friendly at the same. He gave sound advice and guided me properly through the candidate process. I Highly recommend working with Carl.”

Prodigy Resources

Total Reviews: 81

Average rating: 4.59

Example review: “It is an absolute pleasure working with David. Prompt responses along with feedback has been a constant since we have been in communication.”


Total reviews: 268

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Renee was very professional and helpful. She was understanding and seem to really care about getting me the best position possible.”

RedStream Technology

Total reviews: 34

Average rating: 4.74

Example review: “Stephen was professional and very knowledgeable about the client and their needs. He provided insightful feedback about the client and their structure that was helpful to the overall process.”

Tech Talent Link

Total reviews: 19

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Annie was a great help in connecting me with my new employer. She made sure that we were both prepared ahead of time, and followed up with me every step of the way. I would be happy to work with her again!”

TriCom Technical Services

Total reviews: 374

Average rating: 4.75

Example review: “She is very knowledgeable about the industry and postings within it. She is very quick to reply and through in her follow ups.”

Triumph Services

Total reviews: 23

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Logan is very friendly and makes me feel at ease in all of our interactions. I never feel like he’s selling me on something — just getting to know me and trying to find a client where I’d be a good fit.”

Versique Direct Hire

Total reviews: 19

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Jennifer was extremely professional while offering a personal touch. She understood my needs and looked out for my best interests when deciding what position to apply for. She went above and beyond when I received multiple offers, guiding me to a company that truly cares about their employees. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone that’s looking for a future career within the CPG/retail industry.”