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Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms: First Half 2023

Jul 18, 2023

It’s no overstatement to say that IT & engineering companies are in an arms race for top talent. Coveted skill sets like electrification, autonomy, machine learning & AI, cloud native computing, and others require highly technical training & significant experience. 

What’s more, the abrupt layoffs in the tech sector have sent ripples of disruption across the entire market. Recruiters are challenged to identify, attract, and retain top IT & engineering talent amid a flooded market. 

These dynamics are further exacerbated by the global talent market, as outsourcing long has been common practice in IT & engineering fields. While you can acquire great talent this way, there are complex laws, visa processes, tax considerations, and other red tape that many companies simply don’t want to deal with. 

To attract and recruit top talent, recruiters need to stand out from the crowd. In an industry where you Google “recruiters are…” and end up with unflattering (to say the least) responses, those recruiters who prioritize building trust among their candidates will succeed in 2023 and beyond. 

The following IT & engineering staffing firms have distinguished themselves from the competition in the first half of 2023. Their top ratings demonstrate great success in the following areas:

  • Capturing real-time feedback from candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Automating instant action on feedback
  • Measuring & improving organizational performance
  • Promoting success stories and building social proof to elevate their online reputation

Here are the Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms for the first half of 2023. 

Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms: First Half 2023


Total reviews: 60

Average rating: 4.8

Example review: “Jordan does a great job of giving regular updates on any action she is taking to help me find the perfect next role. She’s personable and easy to work with, while also maintaining a high level of professionalism.”


Total reviews: 12

Average rating: 4.68

Example review: “Henry has been extremely knowledgeable about the client as well has gone above to help me in accessing and representing my resume to the client.”

ASTUTE Technical Recruitment Ltd

Total reviews: 441

Average rating: 4.77

Example review: “Greg has been very helpful and supportive. He has kept me updated on progress throughout.”

Bartech Staffing

Total reviews: 231

Average rating: 4.83

Example review: “Marisa was beyond the best recruiter I have ever worked with. She provided the necessary follow up and preparation for said interviews. On top of the consistent communication, she provided awesome uplifting words to make me feel confident about the interview. She has a personable approach, where it makes you feel comfortable to speak transparently.”

Benchmark IT – Technology Talent

Total reviews: 71

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Danny has been very informative and proactive keeping me up to date about the company I am applying to. Have enjoyed working with him.”

Blue Chip Talent

Total reviews: 591

Average rating: 4.75

Example review: “Connor has been helpful in my search for employment and is very personable. I appreciate that he is trying to work with me to find a position that fits my current needs.”


Total reviews: 58

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Todd was upfront and easy to relate to. His approach made him memorable in a good way, and in light of dealing with 100+ recruiters over the last two months that’s quite an accomplishment.”


Total reviews: 37

Average rating: 4.82

Example review: “Dennis has been awesome! He is always so quick to follow up and makes sure you feel supported and prepared. It has been a pleasure working with him!”


Total reviews: 350

Average rating: 4.76

Example review: “Francesca was very interested in understanding my needs, goals and objectives. This was our first meeting and I am looking forward to our future conversations.”

Collinwood Technology Partners

Total reviews: 65

Average rating: 4.7

Example review: “Kari was not only professional and knowledgeable about the position she also was personable, which went a long way. I definitely am grateful to have worked with her in support of this opportunity.”


Total reviews: 40

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Artem was really supportive and worked with me throughout the process of getting my role. He was easily accessible and responded promptly with any queries I had during the process.”


Total reviews: 296

Average rating: 4.75

Example review: “James and his team are amazing to work with! They put me in front of a great company and I was hired! They were very quick to respond and on top of myself and the company to schedule meetings, answer questions, etc. So glad our paths crossed.”


Total reviews: 10

Average rating: 4.76

Example review: “I’ve loved working with Iris. I particularly appreciated that she scheduled a video call and helped me prep for the interview— I’ve never worked with a recruiter as engaged in the process and genuinely interested in finding the right fit for me. I would definitely work with Iris again in the future:)”


Total reviews: 85

Average rating: 4.57

Example review: “Joyce was extremely easy to speak with. She was extremely polite and thorough. Although it was our first encounter, I felt as if I was speaking to a work colleague that I haven’t been in touch with recently. I also felt that Joyce understood my abilities and would sincerely present me for other opportunities becoming available.”


Total reviews: 92

Average rating: 4.91

Example review: “Julie truly desires to understand what I’m looking for in an employer. She uses what we discuss to pair me with clients – not just according to keywords on my resume. She’s a great listener and her unique approach to recruiting separates her from the rest. I’m glad to have someone like her working on my behalf!”


Total reviews: 171

Average rating: 4.72

Example review: “Jenny was absolutely fantastic. She was exceptional at creating detailed notes to prepare for the interview. She reached out often to provide updates on the process and was able to offer unique insights about the interview process. She was also sensitive too the emotional side of the job search process. I would not hesitate to work with her again.”

Link Technologies

Total reviews: 24

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Chelsey guided me well through the modern process of getting hired. Things have changed. Most importantly she got me seen by the right client and it was a great fit. Thank you Chelsey!”

Prodigy Resources

Total reviews: 53

Average rating: 4.81

Example review: “Great experience. Understood my needs very well and matched me with a perfect job!”

RedStream Technology

Total reviews: 36

Average rating: 4.77

Example review: “Keith has always been on top of communication when it came to the role and its status. The advice he has given and the availability he has provided is fantastic and has communicated with me as a person rather than just a candidate. I would highly recommend Keith to anyone looking to apply with RedStream.”


Total reviews: 131

Average rating: 4.66

Stafford Technology

Total reviews: 147

Average rating: 4.79

Example review: “Wes King, as a technical recruiter, is truly a cut above the rest. His prowess lies not only in his deep understanding of the tech industry but also in his exceptional ability to recognize and nurture talent. Wes doesn’t just fill roles – he bridges the gap between individual aspirations and business goals, facilitating synergy that feels less like chance and more like destiny. His empathetic approach and open communication style foster trust and loyalty, making the recruitment process a seamless, even enjoyable journey for all parties involved. Wes’s dedication to his work and the people he serves is nothing short of inspiring. He’s more than a recruiter – he’s a relationship-builder, a guide, and an asset to anyone fortunate enough to cross paths with him in their career.”

Sysazzle, Inc.

Total reviews: 132

Average rating: 4.54

Example review: “Suhail was a very efficient communicator. He contacted me regarding a job that I was very much interested in applying for and he made the application process quite effortless for me. He impressed me by his professionalism and expertise.”

Tech Talent Link

Total reviews: 18

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “Working with Sam was an absolute pleasure! He demonstrated a deep understanding of the industry and quickly grasped the specific skills and experience required. His exceptional professionalism and expertise made the entire hiring process seamless and enjoyable. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking career change. Thank you for your exceptional work!”

TriCom Technical Services

Total reviews: 387

Average rating: 4.81

Example review: “Marissa is a great resource to work with. She quickly understood what type of position I am looking for and was able to match me up with a great employer!”

Triple Crown

Total reviews: 313

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Miguel finds positions that EXACTLY match my skill set and interests. Miguel always answers my calls and is constantly giving me great feedback about schedules and updates.”

Triumph Services

Total reviews: 40

Average rating: 4.69

Example review: “I have incredible experience with an exceptional recruiter during my job search. His commitment to understanding my career goals, skills, and preference is evident from the start. He not only provided valuable guidance, but went the extra miles to connect me with relevant opportunities. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to any job seeker.”

w3r Consulting

Total reviews: 577

Average rating: 4.55

Example review: “She was honest, friendly, very professional, polite, and knowledgeable. Alyssa followed through with everything she said that she would do.”