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Top Rated IT & Engineering Staffing Firms: First Half 2022

by | Jul 27, 2022

Most job markets are in flux right now. The IT & engineering sector is certainly no exception. 

According to data from Gartner, only 29% of IT employees plan on staying with their current employer. With 70% of the IT sector either currently looking or preparing to look for a new role, IT & engineering staffing firms have an important role in connecting these job seekers with their ideal employer.  

Specifically, the staffing firms that provide exceptional candidate and client experiences, proactively seek feedback throughout the whole process, and take both positive and negative feedback to heart—these are the firms that stand out from the crowd. 

Below is our list of the top IT & engineering staffing firms for the first half of 2022. These firms made the cut because they’ve exhibited the following characteristics:

  • Prioritized candidate and client experience across the organization
  • Instituted practices to measure and analyze the candidate experience
  • Improved organizational efficiency through automation & real-time insights
  • Elevated their brand and online reputation

Learn more about these top rated IT & engineering staffing firms below. 

Top IT & Engineering Staffing Firms: First Half 2022

Below is our list of the top IT & engineering staffing firms in the first half of 2022. Use the links to visit their Great Recruiters company pages to see their reviews and ratings for yourself. 


Total reviews: 302

Average rating: 4.68

Recruiter review example: “Jordan is wonderful to work with. She practices active listening and applies what she’s heard, she’s very professional, she’s got a fantastic personality and sense of humor. I’m very comfortable and happy working with Jordan.”

ASTUTE Technical Recruitment Ltd

Total reviews: 5,309

Average rating: 4.66

Recruiter review example: “Lucie was very helpful. She actively updated me throughout the process, even when just to let me know she was waiting on information from her client. She prepped me well for the interview, described the role clearly and understood how my strengths could fit the role.”

Bartech Staffing

Total reviews: 5,238

Average rating: 4.66

Recruiter review example: “Nick has been consistent with his communication and transparency. Always keeping me updated with the next steps and expectations. He’s professional and friendly at the same time, which are characteristics that I believe are make him so wonderful to work with!”

Benchmark IT – Technology Talent

Total reviews: 782

Average rating: 4.78

Recruiter review example: “Sylvia was great! I really appreciated her help. She told me how to best approach the interview with recruiters. She really listened and paid attention to my needs. I would recommend her to anyone!”

Blue Chip Talent

Total reviews: 5,233

Average rating: 4.68

Recruiter review example: “Ally, was very professional and quick. Great follow up and even helping out on her days off. She is a great example of what all recruiters should be like.”


Total reviews: 1,234

Average rating: 4.75

Recruiter review example: “Jeremy is awesome to work with. He knows the jobs that he’s posting and he can give you any details you need if he doesn’t know the answer he will find out and get back to you within the same day. Oh he’s not only a good recruiter but throughout your role as a contractor he checks in on you and genuinely cares how you’re doing in the position. Bridgeview IT is an amazing company to work for as well they give benefits that are worth having and the staff are all extremely friendly and care about the employees on a personal level.”


Total reviews: 5,238

Average rating: 4.68

Example recruiter review: “Adriana was fantastic! I immediately felt comfortable with her, she is down to earth, offers suggestions and feedback. I have never experienced a recruiter representing another company taking the time to truly make this process a pleasant one. Thank you Adriana, you were amazing and I am grateful!”


Total reviews: 4,021

Average rating: 4.74

Recruiter review example: “People skills, very transparent. Love her Positive Attitude. Very detailed and passionate about what she does and the presentation of future jobs, absolutely Awesome. Great interactions. ?


Total reviews: 1,836

Average rating: 4.76

Recruiter review example: “Vaughn was professional, timely, proactive, and effective. All around great experience!”


Total reviews: 529

Average rating: 4.68

Recruiter review example: “She is a kind of recruiter who loves what she does and always provides good services to clients and developers. Quick reply and kind explanations for our conversation is I found distinguished and fascinating from others. Highly recommended!!!”


Total reviews: 3,435

Average rating: 4.23

Recruiter review example: “Paras reached out to me via Linked In and suggested a job to me that I would have never thought to apply for on my own. Turns out, the job was a perfect fit and after a rigorous interview process, I was offered a position and graciously accepted. Can’t thank Paras enough for the assistance from start to finish! Very thorough and impeccable open communication with myself and my new employer.”


Total reviews: 459

Average rating: 4.86

Recruiter review example: “My interaction with Alicia has been positive. I finished my second interview with the client and look forward to next steps. She has helped so much.”


Total reviews: 3,971 

Average rating: 4.61

Recruiter review example: “I have spoken to Sylvia several times and interviewed with the client once. The position to which she recommended me is a good fit for my skills and background. She was able to determine that fact by studying the details in my resume. It seems that many recruiters do not spend enough time studying the person being recommended to know if there is a good fit or not.”

LC Staffing

Total reviews: 370

Average rating: 4.78

Recruiter review example: “I really appreciated how closely Haley listened to and met my work requirements. She was very helpful when addressing my concerns and very patient with me.”

Link Technologies

Total reviews: 125

Average rating: 4.85

Recruiter review example: “Chelsey is a strong, passionate, and kind leader. She made my experience working with Clark County Elections a positive one! She supports her team and in return the team supports her. She is always ready to answer any questions I would have. She is open to feedback from my coworkers and is very adaptive. I would recommend and work with Chelsey again.”


Total reviews: 251

Average rating: 4.80

Recruiter review example: “Highly recommend working with Renee – I still stand to my earlier review of 10 out of 5 stars. Renee is empathetic and shows excellent communication. She asks relevant questions that show her understanding of the role and that she read through the resume. She goes the extra mile at any chance.”

RedStream Technology

Total reviews: 129

Average rating: 4.74

Recruiter review example: “I have really enjoyed working with Rob so far. He has been diligent and informative every step of the way. I feel very supported and advocated for from him and his team. It’s really had a huge impact on my interviewing experience.”

Sysazzle, Inc.

Total reviews: 1,590

Average rating: 4.48

Recruiter review example: “Khaja is always available to talk. He sent me job description right after we connected in LinkedIn. Conversation was after hours so I can say he is very dedicated about his job.”

TriCom Technical Services

Total reviews: 2,328 

Average rating: 4.78

Recruiter review example: “I am glad to have a conversation with RYAN and also he is transparent.”

Triumph Services

Total reviews: 158

Average rating: 4.71

Recruiter review example: “Timely progress with the application and interview process. Makes us feel comfortable with the process and helps us reach the job goal.”

Versique Search

Total reviews: 535

Average rating: 4.79

Recruiter review example: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Colee before and had nothing but an amazing experience. She was incredibly kind, supportive, and knowledgeable. She made every effort to make sure my needs were met and that the employer and I were well matched and satisfied. When I decided I was ready to get back into contract work, she was my first call. I’m very glad to get to work with her again.”

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