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Great Recruiters Top Rated First Half 2023

 In 2023, everyone in the healthcare industry—physicians, nurses, recruiters, support personnel, etc.—must be adaptable in the face of change.

Numerous factors continue to shake up the industry:

  • New healthcare technologies—such as electronic health records (EHR), telemedicine, AI & robotics—require new expertise from healthcare professionals
  • Burnout among healthcare professionals leads to high turnover, and greater demand for work-life balance
  • Changing healthcare laws and regulations impact recruitment practices and post challenges for recruiters

As healthcare professionals face an unstable landscape, one place where they can gain that stability is from their recruiters. Great healthcare recruiters can offer connections to top placements, career advice and support, aid in navigating legal and licensing processes, and the intangible feeling that there’s always someone in your corner.

For healthcare staffing firms, to be recognized by the healthcare professionals they serve is a high distinction, and the biggest indicator that they’re poised for success in 2023 and beyond.

The following healthcare staffing firms have distinguished themselves from the competition in the first half of 2023. Their top ratings demonstrate great success in the following areas:

  • Capturing real-time feedback from candidates, clients, and placed talent
  • Automating instant action on feedback
  • Measuring & improving organizational performance
  • Promoting success stories and building social proof to elevate their online reputation

Here are the Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Firms for the first half of 2023.

Top Rated Healthcare Staffing Firms: Second Half 2023

AB Staffing Solutions

Total reviews: 253

Average rating: 4.9

Example review: “Jason has been available to answer my questions whenever I text him, even after hours and on the weekend. He always follows up and provides information in a timely manner. I feel heard and acknowledged and appreciate his checking in with me while we wait for my background investigation to be completed.”

Advantage Medical Professionals

Total reviews: 48

Average rating: 4.9

Example review: “Katrina is the best! She works proficiently and effectively. She has a passion for her job because anything you have concerns about if she can’t answer, she will find the person who can. She’s very knowledgeable and doesn’t just tell you anything. She is open, honest and upfront! All agencies should have at least one Katrina if not 10‼️”

Alliance Healthcare Solutions

Total reviews: 22

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Garrett replied to me almost immediately, he’s very helpful and always checking in with me and making sure I am all set with my needs!”

Amare Medical Network

Total reviews: 142

Average rating: 4.9

Example review: “Natasha has been very friendly, easy to work with, accommodating, and responds quickly. I greatly appreciate her nice attitude and I cannot wait to hopefully work with her, and your company!”

AMI Network

Total reviews: 43

Average rating: 4.89

Example review: “Becky helped with all my needs, and made the hiring process smooth. I appreciated the fast response time, and the help provided by the HR team.”

Ardor Health

Total reviews: 67

Average rating: 4.93

Example review: “Kevin was very friendly and easy to talk to. Very transparent about the industry and the role he plays in getting you placed. Timely updates and very understanding.”

Assured Nursing

Total reviews: 37

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “I’ve been with Angela going on two years now and she is an absolutely amazing recruiter. Anything I’ve ever needed, she always did her best to find out for me. She’s always done a great job!”

Atlas MedStaff

Total reviews: 538

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Mary Beth is the best. She is easy to work with and truly cares about her nurses. She makes her nurses feel like nurses should feel every day – valued and heard! I refer any nurse I know that even just mentions wanting to travel to her. She is such a blessing!”

CareerStaff Unlimited

Total reviews: 598

Average rating: 4.86

Example review: “I am very happy with Christine. She was very attentive, knowledgeable and helpful. It has really motivated my interest in the position.”

Cariant Health Partners

Total reviews: 110

Average rating: 4.93

Example review: “Scott was very knowledgeable about the process and the jobs that were available. He was proactive about suggesting jobs for me, he listened to what I wanted and didn’t offer things that didn’t fit the needs I have.”

Cell Staff

Total reviews: 266

Average rating: 4.97

Example review: “Olivia was and continues to be a pleasure to talk to and work with. She has been nothing but helpful, flexible, and supportive throughout this entire process. She makes herself available at all times and answers any questions I have in a timely manner. This is my first experience working with a recruiter and it has been a great one. Olivia gets 5 stars and 2 thumbs up from me. A++”

Coast Medical Service

Total reviews: 315

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Kile is so responsive and aware of the needs to myself and finds the best opportunities. He follows up and I only hope I get to work with him on my next contract!”


Total reviews: 17

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “Azaan explained everything clearly and left room for questions and concerns. He was friendly and accommodating during the time we spoke.”

Ethos Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 35

Average rating: 4.81

Example review: “I’ve been with Ethos for about 3 years with Josh being my recruiter for a year. Josh has been nothing less than phenomenal. I’ve had no issues searching for contracts and receiving job offers within a day. Josh has been a wonderful recruiter and seems like he’s in it to help you individually and not there to help his commission rate unlike most recruiters. The rates of all my contracts have been great and if you’re unsatisfied within reason he will negotiate. He doesn’t bombard you with annoying texts wishing you a happy Monday every week and he’s a straight to the point kind of guy. If you’re in need of a great recruiter look no further.”

Excel Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 75

Average rating: 4.88

Example review: “Tatiana did an awesome job keeping in contact with me and letting me know what was going on every step of the way.”

GIFTED Healthcare

Total reviews: 448

Average rating: 4.82

Example review: “Tracy is AWESOME ? so glad I get to work with her! She is professional, SUPER sweet and always helps, supports and is there for me anytime I need assistance! I love talking to her on the phone….I just wish I got to hang with her in person! I consider her a dear friend ?”

Health Providers Choice

Total reviews: 49

Average rating: 4.96

Example review: “Mary is very kind and easy to work with.. her communication has been great and I truly feel that she listened and searched for what I asked for. Thank you Mary!!” 

Healthcare Staffing Professionals

Total reviews: 239

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Robert responded to my application in less than 12 hours. He was prompt, courteous, and incredibly helpful in connecting me to a role that I am qualified for and interested in. It has been less than a week since I submitted my application and I am already interviewing for an incredible role! I am grateful to Robert and would highly recommend him and HSP to all public health job-seekers.”

HealthCare Support Staffing

Total reviews: 228

Average rating: 4.88

Example review: “Sebastian is an awesome recruiter. He follows up on someone and always responds in a timely manner. He is the kind of person that will follow up on someone as well as checking on them. He asks how one feels about the job before he gets them submitted. Yes, he is in business, but he goes an extra mile. He prepares a person until that person gets to their job location. Thank you.”

Lead Health

Total reviews: 179

Average rating: 4.89

Example review: “Paul is absolutely amazing! He is very knowledgeable about how travel assignments work, he communicates extremely well and understands our needs as a travel couple! He always comes through for us!”

Loyal Source Government Services

Total reviews: 232

Average rating: 4.8

Example review: “Overall experience with Shiran has been great. She calls me regularly to keep me up to date and in tune with the process, especially during this waiting phase. She is always accessible if I have any questions or concerns which I really appreciate. So far I have no complaints—she has been amazing during this hiring process.”

Marvel Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 223

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Very good with communication!! That’s my biggest concern and she goes above and beyond! She has a lot of patience, listens thoroughly and is super sweet!”

Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC

Total reviews: 364

Average rating: 4.82

Example review: “She was very professional and informative. I felt very comfortable with any questions that I had. She was so nice and uplifting.”

MedUS Healthcare

Total reviews: 124

Average rating: 4.87

Example review: “Peter is truly amazing and honestly one of the best recruiters I’ve ever had. He’s very understanding, communicates well and in a timely manner, and gets the job done with a quickness. It’s definitely a pleasure working with him!”


Total reviews: 12

Average rating: 4.85

Example review: “Taylor was very informative and efficient. We had my application submitted in just a couple hours. This will be my first contract and so far the experience has been wonderful!”

Next Move

Total reviews: 201

Average rating: 4.95

Example review: “Curtis is incredible at his job. He is always going above & beyond for me. Greatly appreciate all that he’s done.”

Phoenix MedStaff

Total reviews: 25

Average rating: 4.96

Example review: “Taryn is always extremely quick to respond back to my questions and concerns, helpful, and kind. She didn’t pressure me at all! She is great!”

Pluto Healthcare

Total reviews: 169

Average rating: 4.92

Example review: “As a first time traveler, I’m glad to have Austin as my recruiter. He is always easy to reach and is there for any concerns that may come up. He has a great attitude and is easy to communicate with. He updated me with every status of finding my first assignment. I highly recommend Austin for any first time travelers or any travelers in general looking for a reliable recruiter! He is personable and attentive to what you may be looking for in your future assignment.”

Squad Medical Staffing

Total reviews: 88

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “It has been an outstanding experience with Tyler. He is knowledgeable and professional. He also is very patient and understanding of different situations. He is a good representative to a great company. He is very good about reaching out in a timely manner and explaining things to who he represents.”


Total reviews: 60

Average rating: 4.84

Example review: “Matt was always readily available if I ever had a question or concern. He got me the interviews and contracts I desired the most. He is the best recruiter I have worked with.”

TheraEx Staffing

Total reviews: 30

Average rating: 4.89

Example review: “Sara is great at responding to questions and always on top of things! I feel very comfortable having Sara as my agent and I would recommend her!”


Total reviews: 1930

Average rating: 4.88

Example review: “Olivia has been a great recruiter! She is really assertive about looking for contract options as early as possible, only looks at options that fit what I want, and checks in frequently. Highly recommend!”

Travel Nurse Across America

Total reviews: 818

Average rating: 4.93

Example review: “Emily has been forthcoming with details, providing prompt responses to questions, and has facilitated great contracts! She has been a great resource for me as I’ve navigated multiple travel contracts.”

Travel Nurses Inc. (an OR Nurses Nationwide Co.)

Total reviews: 60

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “Alyssa has been nothing but amazing! She is so knowledgeable and dependable with the entire onboarding process. Best of all, she is such a genuine and kind hearted person who I felt valued me as a nurse. Easily the best recruiter I have worked with!”

Wellspring Nurse Source

Total reviews: 37

Average rating: 4.94

Example review: “Jen and I have been working together in various roles for 10 years. She has always been supportive, honest, and helpful. I am very fortunate to have her as a colleague and a friend.”