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Social media has become a staple in our everyday lives. In the same way, it has also become a platform for recruitment and staffing firms to find the best candidates for the open positions they are hiring for. With almost everyone now connected to at least one social media site, it only makes sense for recruiters to implement a number of social media recruiting strategies to reach out to potential hires.

A survey among recruiters revealed that 92% of respondents turned to social media to search for their top potential hires. In another study, social media hiring saw a rise from 82% in 2010 to 92% in 2015. Is your recruitment firm already following suit and delving into social media recruiting?

With some ingenuity and tech-savviness, social media can be a formidable tool for any recruitment firm. It’s imperative that your recruitment agency create social media accounts and maintain content regularly. Make sure to join professional social media sites as well because these are niche platforms for those looking to be employed.  

To help elevate your online presence, here are a few social media recruiting strategies that can let you create a connection to your potential hires: 

1. Join groups for job seekers. 

Social media is indeed a powerful means for individuals to come together. A literal way for them to be really connected is through online groups formed for professional or leisurely purposes. For sure, there are groups dedicated to job searches or perhaps interest groups of specific industries sharing their expertise. You can do online hiring in such groups because the crowd your recruitment firm might be looking for is in one online community. 
It’s easy to look for these groups on social media. Joining them might be the tricky part because they require admin approval. But there’s no harm in trying. If your firm specializes in hiring from a specific industry or profession, look into interest groups that have mentioned your target industry or profession as the main topic.

Once you are inside, prepare job posts you can upload in these groups regularly. Instead of just publishing your job ads on social media, placing them in an audience that actually looks for them is part of effective social media recruiting strategies. 

2. Harness the power of the hashtag. 

Your goal is not to turn job posts into trending topics. Though hashtags are both famous and notorious for making people or events go viral, they are part of useful social media recruitment strategies.  

The difference between merely including buzz words in your job ads with actually turning them into hashtags is that your ads become searchable. Also, hashtags are linked to people’s activity on a website or social media account, so it would be great to include them in your social media recruiting strategies to optimize your posts. Finally, engaging more people through social media gives your accounts more traction, making them more noticeable to jobseekers and possible clients. 

Aside from the usual hashtag like “hiring” or “job opening,” use more hashtags that compartmentalizes your job ad further, like what industry is the job in like “advertising,” or the actual title of the job vacancy like “copywriter.”  

Tread lightly, though; too many hashtags may result in spammy job posts. You may search on the internet what usual hashtags are searched by job seekers so that you can include them in your job posts and ads. Also, make sure that when you share job posts on social media, the post is set to public instead of followers-only or private. This way, even those who are not subscribed to your social media accounts can still find the ad. 

3. Reach out to candidates directly. 

Once you’ve set up your social media accounts and entered online groups, you’re set to headhunt potential candidates. What’s good about social media is that you see who a person is at a glance and get to know who they are at the surface. 

Going through someone’s profile or public posts is almost like looking at a resume. You can already get a feel if this person is appropriate for the jobs you’re hiring for. Some might call it stalking, but you’ll have to admit that hiring on social media sounds easier than sorting through a pile of resumes. 
Take note of active participants in your groups or social media handles, those who always react to posts or ask questions. Take time to look at their profiles, or see if they have accounts on other sites. Especially for social media sites dedicated to business and employment, you can easily tell if the person is open to hiring or not.

But even if the person isn’t, send them a direct message to say that they are perfect for the job vacancies you have. Chances are they are looking for a career change, or they’ll keep tabs on your message in case they need to shift jobs. Headhunting online is truly part of social media recruiting strategies that work. 

4. Invest in social media advertising. 

Social media advertising might cost a pretty penny, but it works when it comes to social media recruiting strategies. Using social media ad campaigns will entail your firm to target a specific demographic: age range, educational background, interests, among others.

A person’s online activity has created a web of their internet profile. Through analytics, social media advertising can show specific ads for specific people, according to how the ad campaign is set. It would be best to consider social media advertising in your list of recruitment strategies because of its brilliant means to identify who will benefit best from your job ads. 
Locate your social media’s ad centers to know how to get started with showing targeted ads. It’s usually in the Help portion of your online profile. What’s good about social media ad campaigns are their price options based on how specific your demographic can be, which is something you can discuss with your ad campaign manager to ensure your budget is maximized.

Converse with your clients on who their ideal candidates should be, and bring their requests over to the ad campaign manager. With some discussions and agreements, social media advertising for your job posts will be well underway. 

Your social media recruiting strategies need a boost.

What will entice job hunters to take a chance with your agency? A good recruiter brand. Especially in the age of social media, it all boils down to your online reputation. How netizens view your recruitment agency will spell out how many candidates you will process and how many clients you’ll have. Your social media efforts will go to waste if you’re not mindful of what candidates and clients are saying about you. But don’t fret. There’s a way for you to handle this. 
Great Recruiters understands the need to publish uplifting words about your recruitment agency. An experience management platform for recruitment firms, it is dedicated to gather the best reviews about your hiring process and help identify issues right away for immediate remediation.  

Automated review requests will ask candidates to speak up about their experience right after it happened and not wait for them to say their thoughts elsewhere. With your collection of reviews, your firm can choose which ones to publish on your social media accounts to give job seekers and potential clients an idea of what you can do for them.  

Does Great Recruiters sound like the social media stimulus you need? Book a demo now.