Review a Recruiter

With competition for top talents getting stiffer each day, it’s been essential for companies to have an optimized recruitment process. You may agree that this is one of the many reasons most businesses employ staffing firms such as yours. As experts in the recruitment field, they expect you to deliver the best workforce resources and services at the shortest possible time, all the time. 

Sounds challenging to fulfill? Well, it’s because it is. But with the help of recruiting automation software, you can remain efficient and effective while helping propel your clients to be ahead in getting the best candidates. 

Here are some of the recruiting automation software you might want to consider to help cut down some extra steps in your recruitment processes this 2022. 

1. Programmatic Job Advertising  

If before job advertisements upload and management are manually done when you want them to appear in different channels, programmatic job advertising can now do all the work for you. 

With this software technology, you can run digital advertisements of job openings across various candidate sourcing platforms. It even allows you to target audiences according to your preferences, thus increasing your chances of attracting the right group of candidates at the right time. 

Apart from being a recruiting automation software, programmatic advertising also helps improve your employer branding. Some recruiters are using these advertising automation tools to get creative with their job adverts. For instance, they post branded content to give candidates a taste of employee experiences and company culture – quite an effective strategy to compel them to click the “Apply” button. 

2. Candidate Relationship Management 

A Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) or CRM tool helps recruiters engage and nurture candidates so that they would be urged to move to the application phase. 

Although some staffing firms have already tried CRM, it’s still a tool that hasn’t lost its luster, especially to tech-savvy talent acquisition teams. Why not? This powerful tool can do a lot in stepping up your recruitment game, such as: 

  • Analyze pipelines  
  • Optimize sourcing channel investment  
  • Create content to nurture relationships with jobseekers  
  • Provide mobile-friendly candidate experiences  
  • Personalize the candidate journey 

3. Applicant Tracking System 

Another widely popular recruiting automation software in many staffing firms is the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which works as an applicant repository, workflow automation, and compliance tool. 

True to its name, ATS lets recruiters gather and monitor the recruitment progress of applicants. Soon as it catches that a candidate applies for an open position, ATS runs to keep recruiters and hiring managers posed on the candidate’s progress. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps as well to automate:  

  • Candidate shortlisting  
  • Rejection assistance 
  • Talent pipeline creation 

In recent years, machine learning has improved ATS, allowing it to filter applicants intelligently and use conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to manage communications. As your count of applicants exponentially grows, using an ATS can be invaluable in helping you remain organized and ensuring that you don’t lose sight of candidates who are a perfect fit

4. Candidate Pre-Screening Software 

Candidate pre-screening tools can save your recruiters valuable time by skipping over candidates who do not meet the hiring requirements.  

Recruiting automation software like intelligent resume screeners filters in the best candidates based on the qualification parameters you set – be it education, characteristics, or skills. You can also make use of built-in chatbots or virtual recruitment assistants, which are increasingly gaining a reputation as useful tools in the candidate pre-screening process. These chatbots use machine learning innovations to analyze questions, understand answers, and respond and interact with candidates. 

5. Interview Scheduling Tool 

Scheduling interviews may not seem time-consuming at first, but it could be too tedious for recruiters and hiring managers to bear when done in high volumes. It would be challenging to juggle multiple interview schedules, affecting your recruitment teams’ efficiency and impacting the overall candidate experience

Thanks to interview scheduling automation tools, you can save time by allowing recruiters and hiring managers to streamline the interview process. Many recruiting automation software are available in the market, waiting to be explored for scheduling and automating interviews efficiently with qualified candidates. Some of these tools can auto-populate schedules into your team’s calendar, so they won’t miss a beat in the interviews between candidates and hiring managers. 

6. Candidate Experience and Reputation Management Software 

How can you better serve candidates in the recruitment process? How do you ensure that your recruitment team is primed to deliver the best candidate experience? How do you improve your recruiting strategy and the overall experience you provide? The answer to all these: candidate feedback

Luckily, you can now employ a candidate experience and online reputation management software to do feedback check-ins for you. Such software can assess how happy or unsatisfied candidates are with the service they receive, which in turn gives you a pulse of your recruiters’ performance and see where the whole recruitment team can improve. In addition, you can automate your feedback requests and keep track of every feedback offered regarding your recruiters and the entire hiring process. 

Automate Your Recruiting Process for Success 

With the fast-paced, digitally connected world we have, automation has indeed become a must-have rather than a nice-to-have across all businesses, including staffing. And through recruiting automation software, you hold a greater power to improve not only your recruitment processes but also your overall strategy by having better insights into your brand and team’s performance. Above all, you can monitor the quality of candidate experience you provide, which is critical in setting you apart from other recruiters in the market. 

How to start looking closely into your candidate experience? Try Great Recruiters. A candidate experience management software like Great Recruiters gives you a better perspective of what’s really happening throughout the recruitment process by letting candidates have a share of voice. You can do this by automating feedback gathering from candidates, which allows you to manage negative sentiments and use positive ones as your testimonials in your media channels. Great Recruiters even come with an analytics dashboard that displays your team’s performance, where you can draw impressions of what’s working and what’s not, and recalibrate your strategy and processes from there. 

Want to know how Great Recruiters can help you improve your recruitment process? Book a demo now.