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4 Ways You Can Improve Candidate Experience with Recruiting Software 

Dec 16, 2021


If you glance at your staffing agency’s processes right now, you might see several noticeable adjustments you’ve applied in the past few years. Face-to-face interviews were replaced with online conference meetings, applicant testing done on online platforms, and candidates reached out more via email than phone calls. Digital ways to keep the recruitment process going are here to stay, even after the pandemic—your agency’s only choice is to keep up with the times. 

However, don’t stop at merely substituting face-to-face steps with online means. By allowing technology to make your firm’s processes more efficient, you will draw in significant benefits. A streamlined process powered by recruiting automation tools and software gives candidates and clients alike a good impression. By showing that you are a tech-savvy company, you present a positive recruiter brand that will attract more clients and positive reviews. 

There are a lot of ways to harness technology within your agency: making the hiring process mobile-friendly, using social media for headhunting, among many others. But take it up a notch and look at these examples of recruiting software that will organize more of your hiring process. It might be a bit of a challenge to introduce these apps into your recruiting strategy, but you’ll definitely reap the benefits once you get the hang of these recruiting software. 

1. Use chatbots to ease the hiring process. 

The candidates, your firm’s so-called customers, will ask for a lot of assistance. Questions ranging from job requirements to interview schedules have to be met with answers in a jiffy. Else, your potential hires will move on to the next job opening. This is where chatbots can come in handy. 

Companies have been employing chatbots to serve at the forefront to attend to customers, and your firm can do the same. Chatbots are online software used to initiate online conversations through text. Though they are not precisely recruiting software, they can serve the same purpose for your staffing agency: to attract more applicants to build your clients’ workforce right away. 

Chatbots are perfect for candidate engagement, too. Primarily because applicants may ask questions at any time of day, having a chatbot brimming with information keeps your potential hires informed and assured that they can reach out at any time. 

Your agency’s IT team can install these chatbots on your company website or even on social media platforms. Ask assistance as well in setting up automated answers for particular questions. The chatbot can have a database of keywords or a flowchart of questions that will help applicants be more specific with inquiries. Take note, though, that some questions might need answers from your firm directly. You can add an option for the chatbot to record contact details from the applicant on how to reach them so that one of your staff can attend to their specific concerns. 

2. Keep tabs on a potential hire’s progress through an applicant tracking system. 

With applicants in and out of your firm, identifying the status of each could be a tedious chore. It’s also frustrating for your recruiters to spend time preparing interview questions and job offers only to find out the applicant is no longer in the running. This is where the applicant tracking system or the ATS comes in.  

ATS aims to automate your recruiting system’s labeling of applicant status, starting from the interview process up to landing the job successfully. An ATS is an ingenious way not to lose track of applicants, especially if they are the right fit for the job. There really isn’t a single process an ATS would follow. ATS from different service providers has unique data visualization styles, maximum applicant capacity, and other features.  

But do note that this recruiting software comes in various price points, depending on your firm’s needs for the size of your talent pool and length of the hiring process. It might be a good idea to look into ATS with trial periods to try it out first and gauge how much support your firm will need from this recruiting software. In the end, what’s important is to consider how an ATS can improve candidate experience. Staying at the pulse of candidates’ application status is the start of assisting them to get the job.  

3. Find the right hire by using different recruiting softwares. 

Admit it: it’s a drag to go through piles of resumes and CVs. Some applicants love to write essays about their past jobs, and some need multiple pages just to list their professional background.  

To help you with automated sorting, you can program a resume screening tool to search particular keywords within a resume or CV and even rank applications from most viable to the least relevant to the job posting. This recruiting software is a godsend in cutting time in choosing potential hires. 

If you plan to incorporate a resume screening tool into your hiring process, talk to your clients about the non-negotiables in potential hires. For example, clients might be particular with a specific certification or work experience the applicant must have, and make sure to include this in the tool’s keyword search.  

You also have to recognize that the tool’s search process can be imperfect. To remedy this, take some time to browse through CVs the tool rejected. There could be some applications that can still be vetted but slipped through the search process. And just like with the ATS, consider resume screening tools that have trial runs to see how the recruiting software can work for you. 

4. Keep up with the evolving recruitment process with an experience management software. 

An experience management software is what many companies use to solicit feedback from customers on how their purchases went. By requesting and collating product reviews and the data they bring, they can make tweaks with their products and services, which in turn creates happier customers and a better brand name. Will your recruitment need experience management software? Absolutely! The hiring process is the service you offer, and the applicants are your customers. An experience management software will be best to ask them how the total hiring process was. 
But don’t just get any experience management software. Great Recruiters is created solely for staffing firms and their unique needs for scrutinizing every step of the recruitment process. As a recruiting software, Great Recruiters possesses functions specific to your reviews collection needs. Real-time feedback requests can be sent at specific steps in the hiring timeline, and received data are summarized and presented through the system’s vivid visualization interface.  

You can ensure that steps applicants didn’t find helpful will receive modification immediately so that the complaint won’t be mentioned again. Also, the program’s dashboards and overall presentation are proven to be user-friendly. Your firm can be done with software orientation in 48 hours or less. 
Understand the feedback about your recruiters from the people they serve, and let technology give your firm a better recruiter brand. Book a demo now.