Review a Recruiter

On April 8, 2021, Great Recruiters spearheaded a virtual Fireside Chat and was joined in by a number of their current clients and other staffing and recruitment agencies. The Head of Customer Success, David George, hosted the webinar, joined by Head of Marketing Jeff Pelliccio and Sales Executive Joseph Gaylord.  

The Fireside Chat’s purpose was to introduce to the participating recruitment and staffing firms the Great Recruiters Certified program and how it can help boost their reputation in the recruitment industry. 

What is Great Recruiters Certified? 

The Great Recruiters Certified program is an initiative launched by Great Recruiters to help recruiters showcase their brand’s reputation and use the feedback they are getting from candidates to improve their recruitment process and deliver world-class service. Apart from introducing this initiative, David and Jeff also provided additional information on how the program works and how interested recruitment and staffing agencies and their frontliners can qualify to earn this coveted certification. 

In this webinar, you will learn what it means for your business to be Great Recruiters Certified, what benefits this certification program can offer, and what standards a recruiting company should maintain to become Great Recruiters Certified. Now that online reputation is becoming a vital component of your organization’s branding, Great Recruiters has found the solution to promote the quality of the recruitment solutions you are providing. 

Once you become Great Recruiters certified, marketing and promoting your brand’s excellent performance becomes a lot easier. Your certification will speak for itself, as supported by your candidates’ ratings and feedback about their overall experience working with your company. 

Dedicated to Boosting Recruiters’ Reputation 

In line with our unwavering commitment to helping recruitment and staffing companies achieve success, we at Great Recruiters continue to provide innovative solutions to boost recruiters’ reputations and the recruitment and staffing industry in general. Apart from launching the Great Recruiters Certified program, David and Jeff also introduced several upcoming functionality improvements to the Great Recruiters platform. Among these upcoming enhancements on Great Recruiters’ platform and business solutions are: 

  • Configurable reviews for organization-wide feedback 
  • Measuring feedback from outside the organization 
  • More opportunities for clients and candidates to find you 

To learn more about these exciting features that Great Recruiters will soon offer, be sure to check out the Fireside Chat webinar video. 

Optimize Your Recruitment Brand Reputation 

There is no denying that feedback plays a huge role in improving the processes of any organization. As competition becomes tighter for businesses in the recruitment and staffing industry, you must find ways to innovate and be more transparent about what you can offer your potential clients and candidates.

By integrating Great Recruiters’ experience and reputation management platform into your recruitment process, you have the opportunity to boost your brand reputation through transparency and better customer service. Great Recruiters makes it easy for you to feature real-time ratings and reviews from real candidates who had a genuine experience with your brand. You can also optimize your brand’s online visibility and boost your recruiters’ reputation and your organization in general.

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