Review a Recruiter

Great Recruiters + Bullhorn to Automatically Capture Candidate Feedback in Real-Time

Great Recruiters seamlessly integrates into Bullhorn, the software recruiter automates the review process, and makes it simple to measure, act-on, and promote real-time feedback and testimonials. Don’t tell people how great you are. Prove it.

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Combine Staffing’s First Reputation Management Platform with a Global Leader in Cloud Computing

Designed to Help You Create the Perfect Candidate Experience


Automate Reviews

Recruitment software review automates  review requests to candidates and clients throughout their journey to make sure you’re creating the best experience.

Active Management

Get in front of issues and solve them before they become problems with active reputation management.

Grow Faster

Grow faster by measuring recruiter performance to deliver the best service. Drive more referrals and improve your team’s performance.

"Implementation with Bullhorn was a piece of cake."

– Tara Sprakel, Fusion Medical Staffing

tAutomate Real-Time Feedback. Measure Performance and Take Quick Action.

Great Recruiters automatically sends review requests based on note actions and placements in Bullhorn so that you don’t ever have to worry about spending time getting feedback from your candidates and clients.

The automated review process captures real-time feedback and helps you measure your team’s performance and take immediate action when problems arise. With this software recruiters, you gain insight into how recruiters and sales teams are performing from the candidate’s perspective.

Promote Positive Candidate Reviews as They Flood In

Share real-time positive ratings, reviews and testimonials from candidates.

Great Recruiters makes it easy to do even more with your positive review. When a review comes in, GR will automatically generate a “Testimonial Card, which are easily shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Recruiters share their own best reviews, and managers share and spotlight their team’s best reviews. This kind of promotion strategy will truly differentiate your recruiters in a crowded marketplace.

Increase Your Referrals

The number one reason you don’t get referrals is—you forget to ask. Together, Bullhorn and Great Recruiters take care of the asking for you.

Candidates refer their friends to people they trust. Candidates who give you rave reviews on Great Recruiters are a natural source for high-quality referrals.

Don’t leave your referrals to chance. Source them from the candidates who trust you.

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