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3 Ideas on How to Implement a Candidate Feedback Loop

Feedback is one of the strongest yet most underrated tools any business can make use of. With many customers from various industries, including candidates in the recruitment industry, now more willing to share their feedback about their experiences working with a certain brand, it only makes sense for organizations to be more proactive in gathering feedback and using these to improve. This is where the candidate feedback loop can come in handy.

Improve Recruitment Performance with Candidate Feedback Loop

Candidate feedback is a goldmine of valuable information that can help your staffing firm consistently measure and improve the quality of your recruitment services. If you want to build a better strategy on how to serve your candidates better, then it only makes sense for you to get their opinions on how they feel they should be served. 

By having a candidate feedback loop in place, your applicants get a platform to express their thoughts on how they felt during their candidate journey. This will help you to not only improve your recruitment strategy, but to enrich candidate experience by a whopping 148%. 

To help you get started in setting up a candidate feedback loop, here are three practices that you can incorporate in your recruitment process.

1. Use an online reputation management tool to automate your feedback management. 

Traditionally, if recruiters needed to ask for candidate feedback, they would have to send surveys manually. It is usually done by having your candidates fill out a survey form, which your team then collects and compiles for your reference.  

However, thanks to today’s technology, you can now automate your feedback process by making use of a reliable experience and reputation management tool, which then collects the survey data and makes it easier for you to interpret all the feedback and ratings you have received in one comprehensive dashboard. 

An online reputation tool will also make it easy for you to implement a candidate feedback loop as you can immediately see which areas of your recruitment process you will need to improve.

2. Capture feedback in vital touchpoints in the recruitment process. 

It takes more than just integrating a reputation management tool into your recruitment. It also matters that you understand when and how to properly gather feedback from your candidates. To make sure that your candidate feedback loop covers all important scopes of your hiring process, you should make sure that you gather candidate feedback across all important stages of your recruitment. 

By strategically capturing candidate feedback all throughout your hiring process, you will be able to spot mistakes and inefficiencies that, if left unchecked, can negatively impact your strategies and the way candidates and clients perceive your brand. Keep in mind that your aim in implementing a candidate feedback loop is to enhance the quality of candidate experience that you deliver so see to it that every touchpoint within your recruitment process is covered.

3. Maximize a data-driven approach to measuring recruiter performance.

Your recruiters are your frontliners. They are the ones who regularly communicate with candidates and generally, they represent your brand. Thus, it’s important for you to understand how they handle every interaction with candidates. To see to it that your recruitment team is consistently delivering outstanding experiences to candidates, performance monitoring is crucial.

By monitoring and measuring your recruiters’ performance, you can gather more relevant data that will help you understand any improvement opportunities your recruiters might have.

Additionally, equipping your recruiters with data-driven performance reports can also help them understand what is expected from them as your recruiters and the kind of candidate experience they should be delivering. Through a candidate feedback loop, you are giving your recruiters the necessary accountability that they need to streamline their practices and keep candidate engagement high.

Understand What You Should Improve with Candidate Feedback Loop

You wouldn’t know how to improve if you don’t know what to improve.

This is why a candidate feedback loop is crucial when it comes to enhancing the quality of your recruitment process. Given that you are primarily serving candidates, you should see to it that you know what your candidates are expecting from you.

This is what Great Recruiters is made for. Our experience and reputation management tool is designed specifically for staffing firms, so that we can help you leverage candidate feedback in creating long-term solutions that will enhance your recruitment services. Great Recruiters can equip your team with the insight you need to optimize your recruitment practices and serve your candidates better, providing long-term value to your brand as you create right career matches and exceptional candidate experience.

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