Review a Recruiter


Troy, MI – March 2018 – Adam Conrad, Metro Detroit-based entrepreneur with over 18 years’ professional experience in the recruiting and staffing industry, has launched new online review platform Great Recruiters® to help elevate, grow, and promote great recruiters. Great Recruiters is a reputation management platform that directly solicits candidate feedback on recruiter performance in real time to help staffing companies improve recruiter performance, attract talent, and secure their reputation in the industry.

“In my years working in the industry, I’ve had firsthand experience dealing with the negative perception people generally have of recruiters and recruiting firms,” said Conrad. “I know there are a lot of great recruiters who genuinely care about the candidates they talk to. I wanted to create something that would help recruiters and firms maintain their good name and differentiate themselves in a saturated industry.”


Early platform success shows increased referrals and better reputation management.

Great Recruiters launched its platform in late November 2017 and has over 400 recruiters using the platform today – a number that continues to grow. The platform fully integrates with staffing ATS systems and automatically solicits candidate feedback in real time throughout the recruitment lifecycle.

By proactively reaching out to candidates and directly asking for referrals from those candidates who provided a positive review, the platform has increased referrals – up to 10% in some cases. Another benefit is that by directly contacting the candidates for feedback, Great Recruiters helps prevent anonymous negative reviews posted to public sites, so firms have more control over their reputation.

The company is preparing to roll out an integrated social media feature in Q2 of 2018 to help firms and recruiters share positive feedback, promote their respective brands, and establish more control over their reputation in the industry.

“Having been in the industry, I would have loved a tool like this to show candidates that I’m not in this business just to make a quick buck. Recruiting is about people, even with the influx of new AI technologies. The industry may change in some ways, but it will ultimately remain a people business,” says Conrad.


About Great Recruiters

Great Recruiters is the only reputation management platform that helps staffing firms increase the performance of their recruiters, attract more talent, and promote their brand – ultimately leading to better results. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Troy, MI and works with both national and international clients. 248.658.9494.