Review a Recruiter

Fusion Medical Staffing adds Great Recruiters & Staffing Referrals into tech stack to speed up growth

  After their referrals dropped to 53% of their annual average, Fusion took action and launched a software solution designed to get real-time candidate feedback and automate referral management. The results exceeded expectations. In their first 30 days using Great Recruiters + Staffing Referrals, Fusion more than doubled their referral leads and generated a 50+% response rate to their real-time review requests. And it only took one week to implement the solution, train their team on it, and integrate it with Bullhorn. As you know, the staffing industry has changed. Recruiters are busier and candidates have more information and more options than ever before. That’s why relationships between candidates and recruiters are critical. It’s no longer the size of your database that helps you win. It’s the strength of your relationship that keeps candidates coming back to your firm. Fusion Medical Staffing needed to upgrade their workflow to respond to their candidates’ needs. Referrals were down 53% because recruiters were having fewer phone conversations. And candidates weren’t responding to feedback requests. Fusion wanted a solution to get more referrals and get better feedback. By launching Staffing Referrals and Great Recruiters, they found a new way to grow faster. The platforms helped them identify talent that loved working with them, and then scale their referral process.

“We’re seeing a 50% response rate on reviews from Great Recruiters — we were only seeing a fraction of that with the other services we’ve tried,” said Tara Sprakel, Chief Marketing Technologist for Fusion.

“Our managers use the individual recruiter feedback as a coaching tool,” said Sprakel. “And down the road, we plan to use this feedback in our recruiter scorecards. With Great Recruiters, we’re not only measuring performance based on production and effort but also quality. This is really important in keeping our quality up as we automate more.” With these platforms, Fusion doubled referral leads in less than 30 days. “Now, recruiters don’t even have to ask for referrals. They just roll in. Management has stopped bugging our team to ask for referrals, because it’s all automated,” said Sprakel. “With the shift away from phone calls and towards email and text, recruiters weren’t generating as many referrals,” said Sprakel. “Staffing Referrals and Great Recruiters were the missing pieces — a way to generate referrals that doesn’t rely on recruiter outreach.” Implementation with both products with Bullhorn “was a piece of cake,” said Sprakel, allowing Fusion to associate candidate feedback with individual records and track referrals automatically through their CRM.

“We’re super happy with both products,” said Sprakel. “They’ve exceeded our highest expectations in terms of how quickly they’ve taken off.”

Want more on Staffing Referrals and Great Recruiters? Request a demo here. Great Recruiters The world’s first real-time reputation management platform designed for staffing firms. Get your NPS down to a recruiter level, scale your referrals, protect your online reputation, and get more placements. Staffing Referrals The only automated referral management platform that delivers up to 57% more referral leads in the first 60-days. Stop missing referrals by automating your referral process and integrating directly with your applicant tracking system.