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 We were born from the desire to help transform the reputation of the recruiting industry.

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Our Why

Great Recruiters® was born from the desire to help transform the reputation of the recruiting industry. Just search the term “Recruiters are” and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. We know those search results do not represent all recruiters, and in response, our team has worked tirelessly to build a simple but powerful platform that puts recruiters in control of their reputations.

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Our Founder

After 18 years as a recruiter and executive in the staffing industry, Adam Conrad saw an opportunity to improve the reputation of the industry one recruiter at a time. Delivering a great candidate experience makes all the difference, but so many recruiters and staffing firms didn’t know where to start. Great Recruiters creates an open door for candidate feedback that lets recruiters know how they are doing and where they can make improvements. The real-time dashboard shows recruiters how they compare to the competition and provides the motivation to move from good to great!

Adam Conrad: Great Recruiter Founder

“Great Recruiters enables us to automate the candidate experience part of recruiting. Our candidates can provide real-time feedback, which helps our recruiters improve constantly.”

—Alex K. | iPlace Chief Development Officer

“I really enjoy Great Recruiters. It is a great way for applicants, employees, and candidates to comfortably respond on how they felt about their experience with me. It’s so valuable to know how people feel about us and hear their thoughts, this way I can improve in needed areas and continue striving to provide excellent service.”

—Recruiter | Kelly Services

“Great Recruiters helps us increase quality in our recruiting process and strengthen our brand. After a few months of being on the platform, I have noticed our recruiters have elevated their game.”

—Ron P. | Blue Chip Talent President

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