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Easily Capture Real-Time Candidate Feedback

Elevate Recruiter Performance

Elevate Recruiter Performance and Improve Candidate Experience

Supercharge your Brand with Great Recruiters

Supercharge Your Brand and Take Control of Your Reputation


Create an Open Door for Feedback

With Great Recruiters® you create an open door for all candidates to share their experiences with solicited and passive feedback. If you’re not asking, you don’t know what you’re missing.

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Elevate Your Game

By creating an open door for feedback, you are heightening recruiter performance and providing transparency. Recruiters become hungry to improve and want to see how they stack up against the competition.

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Supercharge Your Brand

Now it’s time to take all that real-time candidate feedback and improved recruiter performance and shout it from the rooftops with Great Recruiters Social Boost. The results are staggering.

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“We were a bit skeptical at first, but in a matter of hours we became believers! Only a few hours after we sent our first round of review requests, we had 26 responses, 5 referrals, and 2 brand new Google reviews! The excitement in our offices right now can only be compared to Christmas morning!”

—Katie S. | Carlton Staffing Director of Operations

“Great Recruiters enables us to automate the candidate experience part of recruiting. Our candidates can provide real-time feedback, which helps our recruiters improve constantly.”

—Alex K. | iPlace Chief Development Officer

“Great Recruiters helps us increase quality in our recruiting process and strengthen our brand. After a few months of being on the platform, I have noticed our recruiters have elevated their game.”

—Ron P. | Blue Chip Talent President

“I really enjoy Great Recruiters. It is a great way for applicants, employees, and candidates to comfortably respond on how they felt about their experience with me. It’s so valuable to know how people feel about us and hear their thoughts, this way I can improve in needed areas and continue striving to provide excellent service.”

—Recruiter | Kelly Services

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